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Areas of Specialty: Strategic Visioning and Planning /
Life-Career Reinvention Coaching / Speaking / Goal Setting /
Accountability / Management & Healthcare Consulting /
Workshops / Webinars / Board Development / Public Relations /
Executive Presence / Meeting Facilitation / Leadership

Mary Lee Gannon, CAE is a graduate of The Duquesne University
Professional Coaching Program and an alumnus of the 2010
Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital Coaching in
Medicine & Leadership Conference.  She has served as CEO
across many organizations over the last 16 years with up to $26
million in assets, working cooperatively within highly complex
corporate structures in healthcare and other businesses.  She is
the author of
"Starting Over."  Find out more about her turnaround.
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Testimonials from Leaders of
High Performing Organizations

"Mary Lee Gannon has developed a well-earned reputation as
an exceptional Servant Leader. Her vast (and highly
successful) senior level experience, strong interpersonal
skills, tireless work ethic and overall commitment to
excellence have provided her with the skills to offer powerful,
results-oriented coaching and consulting. Highly
Michael Kumer
Principal, Boards MTO
Former Executive Director, Nonprofit Leadership Institute,
Duquesne University

"Our Board and staff are looking forward to achieving the goals
laid out at the recent Board Retreat that was led by Mary Lee.  I
can’t under estimate the role she played in making this
happen.  Her preparation for the retreat and prodding during
our planning calls positioned us to have a clear idea of where
we wanted to be at the end of the day.  In addition, her ability to
implement those plans, interact with the Board and guide
them in addressing our issues was excellent.  It enabled us to
receive valuable input from almost everyone in attendance –
including some who I didn't think would be proactive in
discussions. I am looking forward to the new direction laid out
by the Board."
Richard J. Mahoney, CFRE
Executive Director
The Washington Hospital Foundation

"Mary Lee facilitated a strategic visioning session for our
agency’s Board of Directors.  This was one of the most
engaging board meetings that I have had in my 25 years of
nonprofit management experience.  Mary Lee includes the
many different perspectives of those attending the meeting
and asks the clarifying questions to reach consensus and
develop a plan for next steps.  She is aware of the importance
of communication at all levels of organizations and has
expertise on nonprofit funding issues from the fundamental to
the complex."
Linda Doman
Executive Director
Eastern Area Adult Services, Pittsburgh

"Mary Lee Gannon inspired our board to look at our services in
very different ways than we were used to.  She guided us
through challenging exercises to help us understand what the
outside view of our organization was (what the general
community may think we do) and how to begin the necessary
steps to either confirm that image or to change the views not in
line with our goals, vision and Mission.  Mary Lee left us with
challenging homework, a defined plan stating who is
responsible for each area or goal and an excitement to go
beyond our current boundaries - real or imagined."
Paul Lukach
Executive Director
Crime Victim Center of Erie County, Pennsylvania

“An idea-generator, an expert in fund-raising and a true leader
in the non-profit arena all describe Mary Lee Gannon. I have
had the great pleasure of working with Mary Lee as a fellow
board member and a Past-President of the Pittsburgh Society
of Association Executives and as a voluntary co-chair of
Hospital Council's Fund Development Committee. Mary Lee
brings her passion, enthusiasm, expertise and experience to
every endeavor she undertakes. It is truly a privilege to know
and work with Mary Lee.”
Pat Raffaele
Vice President, Advocacy and Communications
Hospital Council of Western PA

"Our board retreat was excellent. The board was definitely
energized and ready to move forward. I thought Mary Lee hit on
many things we needed to hear in order to help the agency.  
There is also a new energy with our new executive director. I
felt she kept everyone's attention to the very end, helped us to
get a strategic plan and also helped us to hear and
understand and how certain things need to change to keep us
on the cutting edge as far as raising monies to sustain us
especially as a non-profit. I also liked that she was able to hit
on how we need to utilize and hit on the nerve of what we do for
our community and especially on using the stories of those we
have helped in order to raise awareness in our town.  It was a
PLEASURE meeting Mary Lee and we look forward to working
with her in the future."
Patti Starvaggi
Board Chairperson
Crime Victim Center of Erie County, Pennsylvania

“Mary Lee is an extremely thoughtful professional. She is able
to go 30 thousand feet in the air and look down at a situation to
correctly and properly ascertain what is really going on and
make the most thorough and thoughtful recommendation(s)
for her clients. She comes to her professional world as an
accomplished author with not only real world experience, but a
network of powerful relationships that can move the client to
the next level. Mary Lee is very practical, but possesses a
wealth of Emotional Intelligence she brings to her peers,
subordinates and superiors. As a leader; she is a natural
teacher living by example what she wishes to impart to others.
Mary Lee is creative, conscientious and has a high work ethic. I
would highly recommend Mary Lee in any professional
capacity. She is an asset and strength to any team or
individuals who may hire her.”
Yvonne Davis
President and CEO
DAVIS Communications, Windsor, Connecticut

“I worked with Mary Lee on the board of directors of the
Pittsburgh Society of Association Executives. She is a tireless
worker who brings insight, drive and good business judgment
to her work. She has successfully used her life experiences to
become a very respected business professional.”
Jack Tracey
Executive Director
National Automotive Finance Association
Washington, DC

"I thoroughly enjoyed the board retreat. Mary Lee's directions
and insights into the nuts & bolts of both the operation and
fund raising functions of a non-profit were perceptive and
illuminating to everyone who attended. We all arrived at the
retreat with some degree of uncertainty and trepidation
regarding our organization's future and our ability to raise
funds. It was exciting to see those feelings fade away as her
message started to sink in. The new energy and awareness
she created will help us all be better and more effective board
members and be a positive driving force behind the attainment
of the goals we established at the retreat."
William T. Morton, Esquire

“Mary Lee is a consummate professional. She is smart,
business savvy and a role model to women at all stages of
Wendy Maletta
Co-Founder, Founding Executive Director, Consultant
Dress for Success Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh
Testimonials from Results Driven Leaders

"Mary Lee teaches you how to shed the negative self talk and
become your own best friend."
~ Connie Cannon

"I have been a client of Mary Lee and found her coaching strategies
invaluable. She provided me with the right tools and guidance to
recognize my talents, values and ethics and the confidence to
proceed in making dreams a reality. I recommend her to anyone
who is in need of professional or life coaching."
~ Ann (Ciotoli)

"I appreciate the role you played in helping to make our retreat a
success. Your presentation style and your prodding during the
session helped to drive home the ideas that we felt were key to
having a successful retreat. I feel that we are positioned to take a
leap to the next level in our development as a board. As always, it is
a pleasure to work with Mary Lee on any endeavor. I appreciate her
professionalism and insight. ~
Richard J. Mahoney, CFRE,
Executive Director, The Washington Hospital Foundation

"You’ve been such a positive role model, not a “glass half full”
person, but one whose sees the glass as overflowing. If I were to
name what I think the single most influential factor that attributed to
your turnaround would be, I would have to say your ability to put
things into a positive perspective…you may have, at your low point,
lost the game temporarily, but you didn’t lose the lesson it taught
you, and you turned it around to your benefit.  I would say that’s one
sign of a person who sees the glass as overflowing…adversity
doesn’t stop you!"
 Diane Blazek, Information Technology

"I want to say thank you for the RiseSmart webinar and the
coaching session.  I am reading your Starting Over book and it is
so motivating, as are you!  I just discovered another way to work
towards my goal!  Also, writing down my SMART goals helped me
to accept an invitation to a book club.  Hey, you never know who you
will meet.)  I am feeling really motivated and excited about my job
hunt.  I was beginning to get a little unmotivated and bored but
everything seemed to fall into place and I am energized and I have
you to thank for that.  THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"
Stacey Porcaro

"I've known Mary Lee about two years. She has always been very
professional, very friendly and genuinely interested in everyone she
comes into contact with. Recently I had the opportunity to hear her
in a panel discussion. I was immediately impressed by her
powerful direct strategic response to the questions. She had such
a commanding presence I consulted with her privately. I consider
myself a strategic thinker also and within an hour Mary Lee was
able to help me clarify and get laser focused with my vision and
future plans which in turn helps with balancing business and
personal goals. I am looking to future meetings with her. Even if
you think you are on track, I know Mary Lee will challenge your
~ Cindy Rack, Owner - Social Media Strategist, Public

“Mary Lee not only gave me directive and doors to follow a variety of
paths, but she allowed me to explore avenues that I would have
never taken had those paths not been exposed to me. She had the
ability to read between a lot of lines and not only green light many
things but poke me to advance myself, perhaps when I may not
have on my own. The entire session time has allowed me to
explore many new things with a more grounded set of ideals and
~ Sales and Marketing Professional

"Mary Lee’s coaching was a great benefit to me in my job search.  
Her probing enabled me to find personal strength and brought me
to a point of self-awareness that has been beneficial to my
personal and work life.  Mary Lee’s insights were very important as
I prepared for interviews and ultimately accepted a position.  I
highly recommend her coaching service to improve personal,
family, and work life perceptions."
~ Vice President, Human

“Mary Lee is quite knowledgeable and articulates concepts well.
She can think and respond to any situation thrown her way and I
will forever remember her contributions to my personal and
professional life. I look forward to working with her again in the
near future.”
~ Real Estate Investor

"Working with Mary Lee has been an awesome experience.  The
exercises she recommended helped me to dig deep, and to look at
my values and how they fit into my work and family life.  I also
gained perspective on setting manageable goals, and understand
that I don't have to have all the answers today as my life is a work in
~ Consultative Sales Professional

"Coaching with Mary Lee has helped open a whole new approach
and vision of how I see my career path moving forward. She has
helped me see that there are different approaches in dealing with
people in the professional world. Her discovery questions and
technique aided me in thinking beyond my normal scope or
"outside of the box" for a more holistic approach to my career path. I
was pleasantly surprised at the new findings that were discovered
such as how my values align with my "work" values and me
considering management in my future career path."
~ Team
Account Manager

"During every telephone coaching session, Mary Lee Gannon
provided me with insights and guidance which simulated my
thought processes, concerning my future, into some new
directions that I had not previously considered.  I appreciate her
clear, practical and yet creative approaches to helping me to help
myself - by enabling me to pinpoint and overcome obstacles that I
tend to build for myself.  Each of Mary Lee's articles speaks to me
in such a way that I want to put the concepts into practice in order to
see the results for myself."
~ Engineer

"I met Mary Lee when she was a guest lecturer in my Marketing
class. I am a non-traditional student with a similar story.  I am in
the process of launching 2 businesses and her newsletter has
been helpful."
~ Jo Gapczynski

"Your article (from your e-newsletter): 'Find Time to Cheat - On Your
Job' was timely and spot on for me. I had not known how much I
had prioritized my job over my family until I was laid off from that  
job. I've now found a new position and the number one priority in
accepting it had everything to do with work\life balance. Your article
helped seal the deal for me mentally because I have a workaholic
personality, and believed that my work efforts and hours put in is
supporting my family. However, when my work demanded more
than 60 hours per week and some weeks upwards of 80 hours,
and I had not realized how it affected those around me. This helped
me understand..."
~ Lawrence

"Mary Lee - Thank you for writing such a precise book. It has been a
long long while since I could not put a book down till it was all
done! My career was blossoming but at 42 years of age I decided I
could not pursue Public Relations any further in the way I had in the
past and quit. A series of personal set backs followed and what I
thought was deep dark hole now seems to be a journey filled with
gems, knowledge, knocks and bruises and importantly, I think I
may have learnt who my angels are. There is some more to go to
reach my highest potential and I just wanted to say - sincerely,
thanks for sharing your journey and importantly, learning, with
precision and clarity. Found you book at a public library here in
Singapore. Am still looking for mentor, but perhaps I have several
and just don't realize this unique configuration."
~ Sheila from Singapore

"Mary Lee, your updates definitely help me to continue to my own
true north.  They give me the validation and strength to keep going.  
Just so you know."
 ~ Sue
Mary Lee Gannon is awarded the Woman of Integrity
award by Pittsburgh Professional Women.  Awardees
are women of distinction who have balanced career
and civic responsibility, who share their success by
mentoring others and supporting their communities.  
Pictured here with Michelle Wright of WTAE-TV and
Beth Caldwell of PPW.  
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You are experiencing:

 The paralyization of not knowing what to do with your future or a
business that is flat without goals or accountability to change the results
 The abandoning chill of a divorce
 The daunting burden of a job loss
 The effects of leadership skills that are lacking
 The self-defeating voice that reminds you of your continual pattern
of disappointment
 An unproductive work culture riddled with personal agendas,     
bureaucracy and cynicism
 The complexity of complicated healthcare business models  
 The rejection of a relationship break up
 The fear that “empty nest” means “empty future”
 The dread of relocating
 The desire for a loving relationship
 The overbearing grief from the loss of a loved one
 The anxiety of knowing that an unmanaged personality trait can
bubble up and hinder the perception of your true value
 The terrifying transition of a health challenge
 The distress of knowing you think like an executive but others
perceive you with a lack of carriage, poise, diction, attire, eloquence,
confidence, manners or grooming
 The resigning feeling that things will never get better
 The alarming inability to “just move on”
You never thought it would happen but here you are – not
sure of what to do next and the stagnation has cost you time,
money, love, personal satisfaction and freedom.  You are
afraid. You are rejected. Your career or business is stagnant.
You are hurting. You feel helpless, disappointed and
ineffective. You are ready to move forward in your personal
life, business or career but doubt holds you hostage. Now
you have decided that your happiness and success have    
been on the back burner long enough and want results.
You want to learn more about
The Starting Over Reinvention System  
Welcome and Bravo!
Mary Lee Gannon Awarded
Woman of Integrity
Mary Lee Gannon, CAE
From Welfare to CEO
The Life/Career
Reinvention Strategist
CEO of organizations with up to
$26 million in assets
Helping people and businesses reinvent to enjoy the freedom that comes from success
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